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How Can You Get Comfortable After a Race? August 23, 2007

Posted by multisport man in Racing.

Face it – racing is not comfortable. If you’re comfortable, you’re not going fast enough.

You can increase comfort, though. Some nice socks and sneakers for running that marathon, or some top-of-the-line shorts for finishing that century. That might get you to the finish.

But once you’re at the finish, it’s time to get super comfortable as a reward for your hard efforts! And there’s more to getting comfortable than eating junk food! 😉

So once you’re done eating, change your clothes! Getting out of your sweaty, stinky, and bacteria-infested spandex makes a world of difference. You want some nice, loose-fitting clothing.

But don’t stop there; since you want to be comfortable for a while, think about some specialty clothing. I actually heard about this stuff called Cupron which is used in antimicrobial products. The key here is to avoid letting bacteria and other microbes multiply and cover your body, because that could result in rashes and saddle sores.

Since I’d prefer not to have problems like that, I’m looking into more of this Cupron stuff. Turns out their “exclusive copper impregnated fiber technology” kills odor causing bacteria, so you won’t stink! That will certainly increase the comfort of those around you!

If there’s one place I stink, it would have to be my feet. Luckily, I found some antimicrobial socks at Cupron’s store. There’s even a pair of compression socks, which should help your legs recover, too!

It’s interesting stuff, check it out. You might find some good products and learn something about copper!



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