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Attention Frequent Travelers: Stay Fit When On The Road October 2, 2007

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Whether your company sends you on the road for business trips, or if you are just on the road all the time to get to big races across the country, you need to be able to stay in shape. It’s not so hard at home where you have all your equipment and can settle into a routine, but everything changes the moment you leave.

You’re busy, you don’t have equipment, you don’t have much space, and everything is different. Which means you need to adapt. There is no need to lose fitness, though. A few special travel workouts will keep you in great shape.

Some hotels may have a fitness center or pool, and if it fits your schedule, great. But if not, it’s time to turn your hotel room into your own personal gym. If you’re resourceful, it won’t be a problem.

Here are some ideas for fitting in a good workout:

See, it’s easier than you thought!

Perhaps harder than fitting in a workout though, is eating right. This can be really tough when you’re on the road.

My advice is to keep a few healthy snacks with you at all times (breakfast bars, for example.) That way you’re not tempted by each vending machine in the hall!

Don’t forget to relax though, you are on vacation šŸ˜‰



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