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Himalayan Goji Berry Juice December 8, 2007

Posted by multisport man in Health.
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I’ve heard a lot about goji berries and how healthy they are, everything from vitamin C to the special polysaccharides only found in goji.

If I ever come across a goji berry plant, I’ll be sure to pick some berries.

Note: In the original version of this article, I linked to an example website pushing a certain brand of goji juice, supposedly from the Himalayas. As you can see in the comments, they did not like me mentioning the health benefits of goji berries which could possibly be associated with their product.

Apparently their bottled goji juice does not make any health claims, so it shouldn’t be associated with the health claims of goji berries. LOL!

Now you know – if you want the health benefits of goji berries, eat goji berries. If you want a product made from goji berries that would seem to be healthy yet does not make claims toward healthiness, well, you know where to find it.



1. Paula Walker - January 23, 2008

FreeLife, the makers of Himalayan Goji® Juice, does not approve of the claims made in this article. We also ask that you delete the link gojicapital.com. For more information, please contact compliance@freelife.com

2. multisportman - January 23, 2008

Sorry if I caused any problems Paula, but I am just a blogger blogging about training, racing, health, and fitness. goji berries are cool and I will blog about whatever I want as long as there is a Bill of Rights. I’m not making any claims about your product, just what I’ve read about goji berries.

If you have a problem with any website I link to, I suggest you follow up with that website. I see your concern if there is some network marketer’s site full of false claims, but that’s really beyond my control.

Have a nice day.

3. Paula Walker - January 31, 2008

Thank you.

4. Adam Thompson - February 11, 2008


I’m Adam Thompson, owner of gojicapital.com

Anyways, I’ve been in communication with Paula. I’m not 100% what the precise issue is, but they are not in agreement with some of the info in your post (there is alot of misinformation and exaggerated facts floating around). For example, whatever source said that the main benefits of goji are because of the antioxidants are mistaken.

However, I think you are correct that you are fully within your rights to post on whatever you want (as long as you don’t infringe on copyrights, which you haven’t done) and link to whatever sites you want.

On the other hand, Paula and the legal team are concerned that your post may be viewed as FreeLife-sanctioned material, since it links to a FreeLife-approved site. I’d like to resolve this issue if possible. Perhaps you could drop me an email on the matter.

Thank you very much!


5. NeilandBobNoMore - March 12, 2009

Great reply MultiSportman. …”I will blog about whatever I want as long as there is a Bill of Rights. ” Paula & FreeLife go pound salt!


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