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Are You Healthy? (3 Tips To Get Healthy) December 19, 2007

Posted by multisport man in Health.
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That’s the question, “are you healthy?”

If so, good for you!

If not, let’s take a look at “Healthy Are You?” and see what we can do to change things. (Remember, New Year’s Resolutions are fast approaching! Now is the time to decide to get healthy!)

First, stop doing things that are unhealthy.

The first step to getting healthy isn’t necessarily about getting healthy, but about getting to be “not unhealthy.” That includes nixing bad habits, with quitting smoking being about the best example I can think of. Luckily you can read some inspiring stories about quitting smoking, which should encourage you to quit.

Second, get healthy.

This is where we pick up some new, healthy habits to turn our life around. Being a multisport athlete, I highly encourage you to take up running (or start walking or jogging.) Running will burn calories, boost your metabolism, build your muscles, and even build your bones.

Running can be hard on your joints though so start slow.

Want to take it easy? Then try something as simple as eating breakfast. A lot of people think they can lose weight by skipping breakfast, but it never works as planned. So don’t skip breakfast!

Third, get crazy!

Don’t stop now. It’s time to investigate other methods, more along the lines of ‘alternative medicine.’ I don’t want to get too deep into this, but some stuff sounds like it would be pretty cool. Gem stones with healing powers, for example!

(You can decide for yourself if the gem stone thing really works, but it certainly makes me think about buying some big diamond earrings for my wife!) 😉



1. coolingstar9 - December 19, 2007

It is very important that we all need to be healthy to fullfill our dreams, three good tips.

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