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Cyclo-Club Membership Club for Cyclists February 15, 2008

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One of my favorite cycling training bloggers – Coach Levi – has the latest scoop on this Cyclo-Club launch.

Graeme Street (the guy behind the killer Cyclo-Core workout) has briefly mentioned it in his emails but has not gone in-depth. All I know is that if you want access to special reports, recorded teleseminars, and some new videos, you’ll have to sign-up for this.

It sounds decent though, so I’m just waiting on the price tag.

Update: Cyclo-Club has arrived! See it at http://www.Cyclo-Club.com.



1. jeff hansen - April 23, 2008

racing after hip replacement syrgery

2. David Steur - April 30, 2008

Hi Jeff,

Cyclo Club is well worth is if you are into cycling or want a tutorial about how to get into the best shape of your life. My favorite part is the blogs where there are hundreds of topics and you can give your opion. It makes it like it is my site and being able to perticipate in the site. I highly recommend it. For the Platnium Membership it is $199. You get full access to all teleconferenses and you can interact with some of the best cycling coaches in the Country. There are alot of Pros that blog and tell you how they do it all from all there training and nutrition. It is a must buy if you want to go from a decent rider to a person that can keep up in any weekend ride with the buddies. Also if you are a pro there are many thing in Grahams site that is a must. So from someone that just learned to spell bike to the Winner of the Tour de France will benefit from his site. I have to add this the one thing that got me hook on Cyclo core and Grahams Products is that you can see how big grahams heart is and that he really cares about his customers. I get an email everyday from graham. Even know it is a bulk email it has my name on the top so it feels like he is talking to me. I am anxious to get better at cycling and maybe on day get to ride with Graham.

3. multisportman - May 1, 2008

yessir, $199 for all of the stuff you get is a steal

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