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Forget Gatorade, Lance uses FRS Energy Drink March 8, 2008

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My normal drinks used to consist of Gatorade, Powerade, Accelerade, GU2O, and water. But now I might have to add in a new antioxidant drink called FRS Healthy Energy. It’s used by none other than Lance Armstrong (daily) to stay healthy and in shape.

As important as it is to hydrate on the bike, you can gain (or lose) a lot of health benefits based on your typical drink of choice. Water is good, soda is bad, and FRS is great.

I found the info ‘on the down low’ at the following page:

All about Lance Armstrong using FRS.

newsflash – coach levi writes about Lance and FRS too, after the FRS press release.

Other notes:
I’m thinking this is a good time to submit my site to a directory or something like Health Directory Add URL. I would like more people to read my healthy ramblings.



1. jim - March 9, 2008

Lance rocks! I’m trying it.

2. Anon - July 16, 2008

I wonder if Lance knows about FRS business tactics. The trial is not really FREE. Read the fine print and they set you up with an auto order every month for ~$70 charge to your credit card. It even starts before you may even receive the FREE trial packets and not even have time to try it out and see the results, if any. Very shady. When i called to cancel, they said their computers were down and they took my info and would call me back. day gto by and they never did and I had to call again to cancel. They don’t allow you to cancel online.

3. multisportman - July 16, 2008


there are two things I say to people who complain about this:

1. that’s how most free trials are. just like getting a free issue of a magazine, you have to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to keep getting more magazines and get billed for them. FRS is in business to make money, and you don’t make money by giving away unlimited free quantities of your product.

2. read the fine print before you sign-up for anything. it’s a good life lesson.

(not that I think this is a stellar business practice, but it’s a very common “catch” of any free trial, so it should be expected.)

4. Andrew - August 5, 2008

Lance also receives plenty of proceeds to him and his charity for every can sold if he sponsors them…

5. conrad burnett - August 19, 2008

I like the drink, I find its worth the money. Helps my male libido too ! A perk worth mentioning.

6. Jason - August 19, 2008

I tried this drink and it made me angry so I cancelled it.

7. Kent Lundgren - October 21, 2008

Anon, my experience does not comport with yours. I didn’t try to cancel, I like the product too much, but I had no problem adjusting my order to stop delivery in the fourth month when I had an oversupply that built up in the first three months.

As to the product – I’m 62 years old and far more sedentary than I should be. Part of that flowed from a general lack of energy. My internal thoughts were discouraged: “Is this what old age is like?! Oh, no!”

Because Lance endorsed it, I tried it, and it was like awakening from a long coma. Best example of it was a 20-mile bicycle ride that had always been a grueling chore done for the cardio benefits. After just two days (3 doses) of FRS I did the ride again, and it was a new experience, I’d even call it almost fun.

No, I don’t feel like I’m 30 again, but I feel good, alert, and with energy to undertake projects and activities once more. I have recommended it to two friends and their experiences are similar.

I am not a shill for FRS – I have no connection to them other than happily using their product.

8. Jacob - December 18, 2008

Check it, thanks guys

9. Performance Ops - July 5, 2009

First day on it, had a workout after 1 can and 3 chews. I am in the eleventh hour awake in my day, did a full workout and went to church. My vision and focus are as sharp as in the morning. Other days don’t go this well with RedBull. I am hoping that this helps my immune system. I have been germophobic to keep from catching viruses that take me down for weeks. Anything to increase my daily performance and alertness is a plus as I only get 4-6 hours of sleep during the weekdays, and play catchup during the weekends. My schedule for the past 3 years was even worse when I also Army Reserve duty more often than not and I was living on RedBulls.

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