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Can You Put On Weight with Weight Gain Drinks? March 27, 2008

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In today’s world where many are trying to gain weight and many others are trying to lose it, there are several questions revolving around these processes. People trying to increase their weight are constantly on the watch for anything on the market claiming to help people increase weight. The truth regarding such products is that most of them are not healthy for your body and may even lead to various health problems. With this said, it is always advisable to take the counsel of an expert in the field before you set out on the path to increase your weight.

Weight gain powders, advertised as weight enhancers, are popular in the market. The truth surrounding these powders, which have to be mixed in water before being consumed, is that most of them contain a large amount of sugar. According to many doctors, gaining calories through the intake of extra sugar is not good for the body and may even cause adverse effects for your body. By spending money on these powders, a person is overpaying for cheap carbohydrates. Consuming protein powder oftentimes results in a person gaining fat instead of muscles. If gaining quality muscles while keeping your body fat under control is your aim, then it is mandatory to take in proper quantities carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

A widely unknown fact is that if your diet is lacking in calories, then any amount of weight gain drinks are not going to be of any use to you. Making sure that you are taking in enough calories daily is essential to increase your weight. The best drinks to have while you are trying to put on weight are those which are very light and can be easily absorbed and quickly digested. Such drinks are best when prepared at home using natural food items. Fruits and vegetables are the best options for homemade drinks, as they are treasure troves of proteins. Soups, fresh juices and vegetable broths also help a person gain weight. If you have the proper knowledge about nutrients, you can even make your own recipes.



1. Levi - March 27, 2008

Yeah, you have to be careful with supplements and powders. You can get 100% protein though (which is on the expensive side.)

2. Dieting-Home - April 12, 2008

She is quite skinny, and those arms definitely don’ t work for me. I’ m not exactly a lightweight myself, standing 6′ 4″ and weighing in at 250 lbs., so I don’ t tend to go for the stick thin types. But, having said that, she does have the ass and knockers of a much more well rounded lady, and they matter far more to me than other limbs.

3. Tom - August 7, 2008

The natural and the conventional method of weight gain treatment have always created a dilemma in the minds of people, it is quite difficult to decide which one is more preferable, and both have their merits and demerits.

Exercise no doubt is the natural method to gain weight. It tremendously increases your metabolism. The best part of exercise is that it does not carry any side effect. Exercise does not only mean workouts, dancing, swimming, trekking are all exciting and enjoyable forms of exercise. The only backdrop of exercise is that its consequences are slow and it involves a lot of time. Some people think exercise to be boring and expensive as well.

Protein powder and steroids provides you with the opportunity to gain weight fast, they are available in various varieties in the market. The basic problem with these products is that it does not carry long term effect; it can have adverse effect on the body once you have stopped taking them. Smoking is one of the most prominent factors for not gaining enough weight. Moreover its side effects are more hazardous then one can think. A smoker can affect the health of his loved ones. It’s not easy to quit smoking at one go. It is a slow and steady process.

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