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BPA Controversy – Or, How to Sell More Water Bottles May 1, 2008

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Bisphenol A has been in all the news headlines this past month. Supposedly it leaches out of plastic water bottles and causes ill effects. I’m not sure what all it does but it’s been compared to estrogen, so it probably gives you man boobs.

I don’t want man boobs!

But anyway, this is a big thing, and Nalgene has been pointed out because they use BPA-containing polycarbonate in their bottles. And I don’t know one outdoorsman that doesn’t have one of these things. Lots of people have 10 of them!

So what is Nalgene doing? Introducing a new line of bottles that is basically the same thing except they use a copolyester which is just like polycarbonate but without any traces of BPA. Hey, it’s an easy way to double their sales.

“Well the news headlines say our bottles are unhealthy, so for everyone that bought one, now you can buy more because we have more variety now, including BPA-free bottles!”

Let me just head to the store…

(ok ok maybe some of these BPA-free bottles are nice)



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