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FRS Healthy Energy Reveiw May 6, 2008

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Well one of my running buddies, who is a gearaholic, found out about FRS and went and ordered a bunch. So this weekend he gave me some to try (nice guy, he’s always giving out free stuff and always has extra of whatever it is you need) so now i can write my own FRS healthy energy reveiw.

Let’s see I had a can of wild berry, that was actually pretty good for only having like 20 calories. usually anything low calorie tastes like crap, but this wasn’t half bad. The interesting part was that it tasted like juice instead of soda pop.

I got an energy boost. Different than Red Bull. This wasn’t as powerful but it did seem to last longer. I was full of energy and excited, but not jittery.

I can’t tell if I’m any healthier from the antioxidants but I felt fine and didn’t have a sugar crash so that’s saying something. This could be good stuff.

edit: almost forgot, I checked the http://www.CoachLevi.com blog and his frs review for the cans is similar to what i thought, although I haven’t tested all the flavors.



1. bill - August 1, 2008

shit gets me amped-i did the free trial and love it. i’m keeping it going and at 65 bucks a month to a college kid that’s saying something. focus is the most significant difference for me–no fatigue at all, no crash, and no jitters. i typically do 1-2 servings per day as needed, so 5 servings may last me a week. or i may get crazy!! i pulled an all-nighter on three, it was nice. (i hate caffeine and rarely drink coffee, maybe 5X a year to stay up.) this will get the lazy off their arses and make the unmotivated guilty for sitting still. all natura!! highly recommended. bill

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