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Let’s Debate: Diets June 19, 2008

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What’s the latest book to be featured on all the morning talk shows? From what I’ve seen, it’s Eat This, Not That. What’s the topic of all conversations? Keeping your new year’s resolution to lose weight. What pills are we seeing everywhere now? Diet pills.

Are you seeing the trend? Everything these days is about diets and weight loss. I swear there is a new diet every single day! It works because if one diet doesn’t work, a person just moves on to the next one in the list of revolutionary weight loss diets. And the cycle continues as new diet ideas, books, and pills line store shelves and lure in buyers with claims of quick and easy weight loss.

It’s fine with me though. If everyone went by the standard “burn more calories than you consume,” I wouldn’t have anything good to write about! And there would be no use for a site I found called the Diet Debate website.

If you couldn’t have guessed, the site is about the debates surrounding popular diets. I’m game for a debate or two, though.

Let’s start with the Atkins diet. You know, the low-carb one. (Or the “not a good choice for endurance athletes” one. One Powerbar puts you over the daily limit for carbs!)

Supposedly Atkins “teaches your body to burn calories more efficiently and as a result is said to lessen fatigue, depression, and muscle pains.” Maybe, but if you’re not consuming carbs, will your body process carbs more efficiently?

Some downsides include loss of energy and lack of fiber. I think I’ll stick with my carbs.

This is fun! I’ll debate one more: Weight Watchers. This one is definitely popular – I see their ads all the time! I kind of like it, too, since the dieting part is based on limiting caloric intake. In other words, it does kind of follow the “burn more than you consume” strategy.

But there are certain problems – for instance, you can eat whatever you want. You might lose weight by only eating a slice of pie each day, but that doesn’t make you healthy. You’re much better off with a variety of whole grains, protein, and plenty of veggies (even if it all adds up to a few more calories.)

(If anyone wants me to discuss more diets, leave your comments below!) 🙂



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