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Let your food be your medicine, with a cookie diet! July 1, 2008

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Healthy eating should be everybody’s main goal especially in today’s world of instant and pre-processed foods. We are living in the world where the food arrives fast, portion sizes are increasing and the numbers on the bathroom scales are creeping up.

The benefits of healthy eating are insurmountable. Let your food be your medicine. Food is more powerful than any prescription weight loss pills, because the food that you eat can either make you thin or fat. What you will get is a better life, longevity, an ideal weight, and a perfect figure (plus you should cut seconds or even minutes off your times on the race course!)

The choices we make greatly affect our health. Making a few simple healthy and nutritious changes in our dietary choices can have a profound and positive impact on our health, well-being, energy levels and life span.

Usually the whole diet thing is easier said than done. But take a look at this one called Smart for Life, which is a medically supervised life-transforming weight loss program, with the goal to make you disciplined and sensible in your lifestyle. And to look and feel better than ever, but every diet program makes that claim 😉

But good news – you don’t have to starve yourself in pursuit of permanent weight loss. This cookie diet (yes, a cookie diet) based on smart food products is a medically supervised weight-loss offer and weight maintenance plan.

They promote a balanced lifestyle and champion simple healthy habits. With their meal-replacing smart cookie squares you don’t need to always worry about feeding cravings or feeling deprived. They are full of nutrients, amino acids, and fiber which suppress hunger while still supplying the body with the protein it needs. Smart cookies develop smarter eating habits by teaching patients to eat smaller meals more frequently during the day.

Seriously, smart cookies. I’m not one to promote any diet program, but anything with “smart cookies” will at least catch my attention!



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