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Best Weight Gain Supplements July 10, 2008

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Many skinny guys undoubtedly wish to build up weight in the form of muscles and not fat. For those wanting to gain weight and muscle use weight gain supplements to accomplish their goal. Supplements come in different varieties and flavours which includes tablets, syrups and powders etc. All these supplements commonly consist of protein but of different types and in different ways. Proteins are mostly preferred for body building because they consist of amino acids.

Protein is most popular among all the weight gainers because the body absorbs it very fast. Therefore people get results before too long. Egg protein is also very popular for weight gaining because it is easily consumed and is completely dairy-free. Apart from this protein family some other weight gain supplements are also available which can be mixed with bananas and milk for some tasty weight gainer.

The most nutritious among all these supplements is Glutamine. It generally comes in powder flavour which is mixed with water or pored in the form of shakes for easy drinking.

Creatine is another weight gainer supplement commonly used by most bodybuilders as it has scientifically been proven to be effective in muscle development. It is a natural productive acid which resides inside our body and provides us with more energy. Therefore consuming it in large amount provides a huge amount of energy and stamina which helps for those heavy workouts. It also helps for mental fitness and makes brain functioning more finely tuned.

Some meal replacement products are also available which helps for quick weight gain. Normally these supplements are in liquid or tablet forms which can be taken easily. Meal replacement products generally consist of vitamins and nutrition’s and a large amount of antioxidants which makes blood circulation faster and is helpful for those who lack the time to consume the necessary caloric intake for each day.

It is necessary to have these weight gain supplements on the doctor’s advice only as they may create some unexpected side effects. It’s a good idea to collect information about what supplements you are taking and any differences they are making so you can track progress.



1. Marc White - July 10, 2008

Branched Chained Aminos and their new designer versions are a great tool as well. Leukic for intance is awesome if you can afford it.

2. Marc White - July 10, 2008

I agree, but lets do keep in mind that “EATING” is the most important part of gaining weight. Supplements will only help if you assist them through proper nutrition

3. multisportman - July 10, 2008


Yes indeed. The majority of my protein still comes from eggs, chicken breast, legumes, etc.

Although the protein shakes and other powdered supplements are handy for quick consumption before, during, or immediately after a workout at the gym.

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