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Finding your optimum cadence (pedaling speed) September 27, 2008

Posted by multisport man in Bicycling, Cycling.

Cyclists debate about the proper cadence all the time. Most people say you have to ride at 90-100 rpm, but they usually say that because that’s what Lance Armstrong does.

But there is good reason to use a high cadence – it stresses your cardiovascular system instead of placing a huge load on your leg muscles. Your heart and lungs can usually recover faster than your legs, so it makes sense.

A low cadence of around 70 rpm could be faster for you though.

What you do is setup a little time trial course on local roads, and then ride it at different cadences. Do multiple tests on multiple days to be sure. (And this is how to count your cadence.)

But you’ll want your cadence slow around 70 rpm for trial A, then around 90-100 rpm for trial run B. A few days later, do the fast cadence first and then the slow one.

Whatever average time is best, that’s the best cadence for you.



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