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My top 10 favorite energy bars, gels, and drinks October 16, 2008

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As an amateur triathlete, I’m not stuck with one brand of sponsor’s energy bar, so I get to try whatever I want, and drink as I please. No one asked, but what the heck – here are some of my fave foods and drinks – energy bars, energy gels, sports drinks, whatever.

10. PowerBar

No list is complete without the original energy bar. This is a great bar for racing of all sorts, with a decent taste and plenty of carbs for quick energy. It’s not the healthiest, best tasting, or most glamorous bar, but the ads say Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps are both Powerbar users, so you can’t go wrong with these. (Powerbar review.)

9. Lara Bar

I don’t use these while racing or training since I prefer to savor the flavor – but they’re so good I couldn’t leave them off the list. Based on dates and nuts (with no added sugar or artificial ingredients,) Lara bars taste great and are as healthy as you can get from an energy bar. (Lara bar review.)

8. Accelerade

I’m not sure if I believe the hype about consuming carbs and protein in a 4:1 ratio while training will make a big difference, but at the very least, Accelerade is a good way to get a ton of calories, easy. The taste isn’t very good, mainly due to the thick, yucky texture, but you get used to it. The blue raspberry and orange flavors aren’t bad though. (Accelerade review.)

7. Endurolytes

I usually don’t need these, but these electrolyte pills from Hammer Nutrition are a God send on hot days. If I swallow a few of these before an intense tri in mid-summer heat, cramps magically disappear. (Endurolytes review.)

6. Hammer Gel

Also from Hammer is a sweet energy gel. Hammer gel packs are big and bulky, but they fit in a bento box, and they have so many good flavors, it’s worth it. Pick out a neat flavor and try it! (Hammer gel review.)

5. Endurox R4

When it comes to recovery, Endurox R4 is the #1 choice. I use plain whey protein powder more often, and chocolate milk is rumored to be just as good, but this is neat stuff. Try it if you need a convenient recovery drink. (Endurox R4 review.)

4. Solo GI Bar

The best energy bar these days is the Solo bar. It tastes great, is pretty healthy, and is used by quite a few pro triathletes. Did I mention it tastes great? (SoLo GI bar review.)

3. Gatorade Endurance

There’s one simple reason to drink Gatorade endurance – it’s the drink of choice to be served along the race course (at big events.) Might as well get used to it. It tastes pretty good though, and it has the necessary electrolytes to keep you going strong. (Gatorade Endurance drink review.)

2. GU Energy Gel

Slightly more convenient than Hammer gel (and still pretty good tasting) is GU gel. It’s probably the most widely known gel, and makes my top-priority list of race food. Carry one for that extra little boost at the end of a sprint tri. (GU gel review.)

1. Clif Shot Bloks

Coolest thing out there – Clif shot bloks, which are like an energy gel but taste like a gummy candy. Easily the best tasting and most fun to eat supplement in stores! I’m addicted to these and probably use them on all my training rides and runs. (Clif shot bloks review.)



1. Mr. Energy Chews - January 13, 2009

I am going to have to agree with the Power Bar… That is one of my most favorite Energy Bars that I have ever had! I am a hockey player and also like to use some of this stuff before my games and practices!

2. Supplement Reviews - January 3, 2010

Ive been eating Power Bars for years! They make a great meal replacement when you don’t have time to eat.

3. Vy - June 5, 2010

These are great in the morning, as i don’t have much time then. So just grab a Power Bar right before i head out helps a ton!

4. Hardgainer - May 28, 2011

Good list, I actually started making my own protein energy bars. It is pretty easy, some of the basic ingredients I use is: Oatmeal, dark chocolate, whey protein, hemp protein, raisins, chocolate chips, almond milk and peanut butter and honey. They turn out pretty good after you keep practicing.

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