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How to Get into Strength Training and Weight Lifting February 6, 2009

Posted by multisport man in Diet, Exercise, fitness.

If you specialize in running or cycling or even swimming and triathlons, you may not put a lot of effort into strength training. But if you want to be big and/or strong, strength training can’t be beat!

Being unskilled in such an area, I set out to learn, and boy did I learn! If you want to learn like I did, here is where to go:

Strong Lifts
Huge strength training resource. Has how-tos for just about every worthwhile exercise there is. Plus good nutrition info. Read every single page of the site and then check out the forums to discuss strength training.

The IF Life
The IF Life is actually about intermittent fasting but has useful and practical advice about muscle building as well. Gotta love the “no nonsense” approach.

Gym Junkies
Like StrongLifts, Gym Junkies focuses on good, solid training methods instead of sissy junk. Plus there are high-quality instructional videos.

Fitness Black book
Good training and diet tips. But it’s worth reading just for enjoyment due to the awesome/hilarious writing style.

I thought I might end up with a big list here, but that was unnecessary. While I’ve seen hundreds of fitness and weight loss blogs, these 4 give you all you need to get into some strength training.



1. Rusty - Fitness Black Book - February 7, 2009

Thanks for the inclusion on this great list. I like all three blogs you mentioned as well. Mehdi in particular (strong lifts) has a great site to get a free downloadable ebook on strength training. Mike’s site (IF life) is one of the best for diet as well. The guys over at Gym Junkies have the best quality videos. I’m friends with all these guys.

My site has a bit of “lifestlye” and corny commentary mixed in with good info.

Looks like you have a great site building as well here.

Look forward to reading more of your posts!


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