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Trans-Sylvania Epic Offers Killer Deal during February February 19, 2010

Posted by multisport man in Mountain Biking.

The Trans-Sylvania Epic, the longest and most “killer” mountain bike stage race in the US – thrilling participants in State College, PA, May 30-June 5, 2010 – is running a special promotion that offers participants a discount on event registration while simultaneously helping their favorite bike shop employees take part in the inaugural race!

From now through February 28, sign up for the Trans-Sylvania Epic through your favorite bike shop employee and get yourself a $50 discount on the race fee. Plus, by going through the local shop you’ll help one of the shop employees earn a credit toward participating in Trans-Sylvania. This is a great way to show your local shop how much you appreciate everything they do for you all year long (and picking up some choice items to help get you ready for Trans-Sylvania while you’re there will help too)!

We will offer a list of registered shops on our site at www.TransSylvaniaEpic.com and if your favorite retailer isn’t up there just tell them to get on board by contacting us – we’ll take care of the rest. Or, head over to a shop that is already participating in your area and make some new friends by helping one of the guys join in the Trans-Sylvania fun! If you just can’t find anyone give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with someone personally.

The Trans-Sylvania Epic offers 7 days of spectacular trails in some of the most remote riding in Pennsylvania through the Allegheny mountains. Throughout the 7 days the participants will explore over 250 miles of mountain bike heaven. The event will challenge riders physically and mentally but reward them with an experience they’ll never forget. If you love riding a mountain bike your number one destination this year should be the Trans-Sylvania Epic! If you are bike shop employee and would like to take part in this promotion please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Information about Trans-Sylvania is available at www.TransSylvaniaEpic.com.



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