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AquaJoe? November 3, 2008

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Ever worry about carrying your energy powder to a tri in proper serving sizings, without taking up too much space?

I don’t, since I carry Clif shot bloks. But for those who do, a new product called AquaJoe is out. I randomly found it thanks to the final sprint’s review.

Seemed interesting, but I found it funny whilst doing further research:

If you read this and especially this, and notice a few things, you’ll see “hydrateme” (i.e. Aquajoe’s marketing department) is starting forum threads pretending not to know about the product, and saying “hey has anyone tried this, I bet it would be awesome if it works…”


It seems like trickery, which is probably commonplace in any marketing, but it backfires when you get caught!


What you should know about chamois butter October 30, 2008

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Chamois butter! Talk about comfort!

When it comes to riding a bike (after a long swim and before a potentially chafing run) any kind of lubrication you can get is a good idea. When you’re out in the sun/sand/surf/pavement for hours, chafing is unwelcome, but common!

I’ve used a lot of Body Glide and some chamois butter on my cycling shorts, but I never knew much about the chamois “butter” stuff. Until now – see “Chamois Butter Exposed!” by Coach Levi for a good overview.

There is also a good thread about the issue at bikeforums.net.

Finding your optimum cadence (pedaling speed) September 27, 2008

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Cyclists debate about the proper cadence all the time. Most people say you have to ride at 90-100 rpm, but they usually say that because that’s what Lance Armstrong does.

But there is good reason to use a high cadence – it stresses your cardiovascular system instead of placing a huge load on your leg muscles. Your heart and lungs can usually recover faster than your legs, so it makes sense.

A low cadence of around 70 rpm could be faster for you though.

What you do is setup a little time trial course on local roads, and then ride it at different cadences. Do multiple tests on multiple days to be sure. (And this is how to count your cadence.)

But you’ll want your cadence slow around 70 rpm for trial A, then around 90-100 rpm for trial run B. A few days later, do the fast cadence first and then the slow one.

Whatever average time is best, that’s the best cadence for you.

Girls Love Spandex Bike Shorts! September 23, 2008

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Back when CoachLevi.com wrote about cyclists shaving legs to be sexy, I was a little skeptical, because most of that is debatable.

However, I saw this video thanks to that “celebs on bikes” article:

[[edit: google video won’t embed. go watch it, check roughly the 6:00 mark]]

Yes, Heidi Klum fell in love thanks to spandex bike shorts! That settles it, hot girls like bike shorts! (Thanks Oprah for getting the word out!)

Celebrities Who Ride Bikes! September 23, 2008

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On the rare days I stand in line at Wally World, I may glance at a tabloid or two. One thing that I don’t hear about are celebs that ride bikes. That would be pretty cool if they did.

Well, celebs do ride bikes!

Cozybeehive has compiled a list of 50+ celebs who have been seen riding their bikes! From hot supermodels and actresses on beach cruisers to studly actors out on serious training rides, there are a lot of celebs on bicycles!


You Will “Love” This Site September 17, 2008

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You may have seen this or not – but it’s worth repeating:


It’s like the Woot.com of the bicycling world, bringing us a sweet deal on cycling gear for a (very) limited time. There are multiple deals each day, so I find myself checking the site constantly.

There are two downsides – 1) to get a typical size or more sought after deal, you must be extremely fast. and 2) sometimes shipping isn’t cheap

But otherwise the deals are awesome!

Lance Armstrong Comes Out of Retirement! September 10, 2008

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The man himself has made the announcement – 7 time Tour de France champ and all-around cycling legend Lance Armstrong announced he is coming out of retirement and racing in 2009!

He raced the Leadville 100 quite well this year, and supposedly he’ll be racing a number of races in 2009, including the Tours of California and Georgia here at home, plus the Tour de France!

And it is all to promote cancer awareness!

Can’t wait to see what happens with Lance and all his adventures now!

Source: LiveStrong Blog

Exercise and Dehydration – he almost got it right June 28, 2008

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In most health and fitness articles on major news sites, the author usually gives some generic advice, getting it wrong half the time when it comes to practicality.

Along those same lines, most articles bash sports drinks and energy bars for having too many calories or for containing carbs (which happen to be essential energy, for doctors who don’t get it.)

Luckily I was able to read a real article about sports drinks and hydration at MSN.com, which does a decent job getting good content.

Two main points, right on the money:

– Low intensity exercise under 1 hour, just stick with water to stay hydrated. That’s all you need.

– For high intensity exercise like serious running and cycling, get a real sports drink with carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Although he goes a little overboard with this guideline:

“During exercise: Drink 7 to 10 oz of water or sports drink every 15 minutes while engaged in the activity.”

Holy crap, that’s 40 ounces per hour! Two water bottles full!

And then he mentions water intoxication and hyponatremia. Well duh, if you consume 40 oz water every hour, you better believe it! (Not to mention pee breaks!)

I’d say more like 4-8 ounces of sports drink (such as Gatorade Rain) every fifteen minutes, depending on the weather. 4 ounces of sports drink every 15 minutes, or 16 oz per hour, should be plenty in most circumstances.

32oz in one hour on a 120 degree day, perhaps.

Keep biking all season June 5, 2008

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Big problem when summer hits – overtraining. I am but one athlete, but I ride a lot and always come close to overtraining.

But funny thing is, there are other ways to end a season…

I love this – secret to ride strong all season long

click the link to see what it is 😉

Training Tips for Bike Racing April 3, 2008

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Looking for bike training tips to get ready for the season? You better get a move on, it’s April!

Training tips for cyclists

Cool stuff there. Just make sure you have the energy to ride your bike, even if you need energy drinks.