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Out with the old, in with the new January 7, 2009

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I’d be surprised if any mountain biker out there never heard of the Trek Volkswagen team. It was home to some of the best national and regional riders – Jeremiah Bishop, Chris Eatough, Susan Haywood, and Lea Davison – just to name a few.

Well at the last minute, VW pulled out of their contract or whatever, meaning no Trek VW team for 2009! It’s crazy! Top pros are found without jobs!

This was an unexpected outcome of the big economic slump!

But good news – there’s an interesting new road team called Ten Speed Drive / Ellsworth. Funny thing, it’s a road team. I’m familiar with the Ellsworth full-suspension mountain bikes, they are sweet.

But Ellsworth actually make a road bike too!!

And the Ten Speed Drive team is doing cool stuff for the environment, so that’s cool.


Carrying energy gels – without pockets! October 22, 2008

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I do this too – I pin energy gels onto my clothes instead of sticking them in my pockets.

Great idea for running a marathon. Fuel belts can be annoying, and you don’t have any neat pockets on your running gear. (Wearing a tri tank during a marathon seems to be a fashion faux pau.)

This is not so great for a triathlon though. It’s not needed either, since your tank top should have a pocket in the back. And you can stash plenty of gels on your bike bag.

p.s. energy gel is so cool!

Lance Armstrong Comes Out of Retirement! September 10, 2008

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The man himself has made the announcement – 7 time Tour de France champ and all-around cycling legend Lance Armstrong announced he is coming out of retirement and racing in 2009!

He raced the Leadville 100 quite well this year, and supposedly he’ll be racing a number of races in 2009, including the Tours of California and Georgia here at home, plus the Tour de France!

And it is all to promote cancer awareness!

Can’t wait to see what happens with Lance and all his adventures now!

Source: LiveStrong Blog

Keep biking all season June 5, 2008

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Big problem when summer hits – overtraining. I am but one athlete, but I ride a lot and always come close to overtraining.

But funny thing is, there are other ways to end a season…

I love this – secret to ride strong all season long

click the link to see what it is 😉

Cyclo-Club Membership Club for Cyclists February 15, 2008

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One of my favorite cycling training bloggers – Coach Levi – has the latest scoop on this Cyclo-Club launch.

Graeme Street (the guy behind the killer Cyclo-Core workout) has briefly mentioned it in his emails but has not gone in-depth. All I know is that if you want access to special reports, recorded teleseminars, and some new videos, you’ll have to sign-up for this.

It sounds decent though, so I’m just waiting on the price tag.

Update: Cyclo-Club has arrived! See it at http://www.Cyclo-Club.com.

50 Top Bike Racing Tips January 27, 2008

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Want to race better? There’s an ebook for you. It’s called 50 Top Bike Racing Tips. It’s best for beginners because it covers everything you need to know about training and racing, even if you just got your first bike, it will have you covered.

There is a review of 50 Top Bike Racing Tips right here.

How Can You Get Comfortable After a Race? August 23, 2007

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Face it – racing is not comfortable. If you’re comfortable, you’re not going fast enough.

You can increase comfort, though. Some nice socks and sneakers for running that marathon, or some top-of-the-line shorts for finishing that century. That might get you to the finish.

But once you’re at the finish, it’s time to get super comfortable as a reward for your hard efforts! And there’s more to getting comfortable than eating junk food! 😉

So once you’re done eating, change your clothes! Getting out of your sweaty, stinky, and bacteria-infested spandex makes a world of difference. You want some nice, loose-fitting clothing.

But don’t stop there; since you want to be comfortable for a while, think about some specialty clothing. I actually heard about this stuff called Cupron which is used in antimicrobial products. The key here is to avoid letting bacteria and other microbes multiply and cover your body, because that could result in rashes and saddle sores.

Since I’d prefer not to have problems like that, I’m looking into more of this Cupron stuff. Turns out their “exclusive copper impregnated fiber technology” kills odor causing bacteria, so you won’t stink! That will certainly increase the comfort of those around you!

If there’s one place I stink, it would have to be my feet. Luckily, I found some antimicrobial socks at Cupron’s store. There’s even a pair of compression socks, which should help your legs recover, too!

It’s interesting stuff, check it out. You might find some good products and learn something about copper!

A Summer of Bike Racing August 17, 2007

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If you’re not yet bike racing, I don’t know what’s stopping you.

I guess it could be the travel, entry fees, training, interval workouts, spandex, or the inevitable pain of riding super fast. But it’s so much fun! (If not during the race, at least in hindsight…)

Here are some race reports to show you how much fun it can be:

Shannock Valley MTB Race
Tour de Susquehanna
Mohican 100
BC Bike Race

Read up and I’ll see at the starting line!

Finding the right shoe December 3, 2006

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Is now easier for runners!

If you can’t get to a good running store, now you can shop online thanks to the shoe selection guide.

Other Topics December 1, 2006

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There will be a lot of cycling topics on here, as well as some running stuff. Nutrition will be pretty common too.

But we will also talk about bike repair and maintenance, certain exercises like Cyclo-Core, training, racing, triathlons, swimming, supplements, and dieting.