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Swimming is fun May 20, 2007

Posted by multisport man in Swimming.
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While I haven’t mentioned it yet, I swim quite a bit. I have to if I want to survive the tris, but I’m beginning to find it fun. I think it’s because of how sore I am after a long run.

Swimming builds up my muscles but doesn’t rip me apart like pounding the pavement.

So next time you want a fun, invigorating workout, try swimming a few laps.


Other Topics December 1, 2006

Posted by multisport man in Bicycling, Bike Maintenance, Bike Repair, Cycling, Cyclo-Core, Diet, Exercise, Mountain Biking, Nutrition, Racing, Running, Sports Nutrition, Supplements, Swimming, Training, Tri, Triathlon, Weight Loss.

There will be a lot of cycling topics on here, as well as some running stuff. Nutrition will be pretty common too.

But we will also talk about bike repair and maintenance, certain exercises like Cyclo-Core, training, racing, triathlons, swimming, supplements, and dieting.