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Best bike video on Youtube October 26, 2008

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I can’t stop watching this video. Its from New Belgium Brewing, and it shows all the benefits of bike commuting vs driving your car.

It’s awesome and totally funny. Hopefully it will soon be reality 😀


Training Tips for Bike Racing April 3, 2008

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Looking for bike training tips to get ready for the season? You better get a move on, it’s April!

Training tips for cyclists

Cool stuff there. Just make sure you have the energy to ride your bike, even if you need energy drinks.

50 Top Bike Racing Tips January 27, 2008

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Want to race better? There’s an ebook for you. It’s called 50 Top Bike Racing Tips. It’s best for beginners because it covers everything you need to know about training and racing, even if you just got your first bike, it will have you covered.

There is a review of 50 Top Bike Racing Tips right here.

Cyclo-Club For Cyclo-Cross January 25, 2008

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How about a cycling club for cyclo-cross? After doing some thinking, cyclo-club is probably better than my cycloclub idea.

Or perhaps the cyclo-club from “cycling club” isn’t so great. Oh well.

Only time will tell whether cycloclub gets big or not.

You Could Call It A CycloClub January 24, 2008

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My buds and I really need to get a cycling club together for next season. We wanted to get it together last fall so we could race cyclocross with the name “cycloclub” but it didn’t work out.

But maybe we’ll get our act together and get a real cycling team, CycloClub, going for next year!

Local races, here we come! 😀

Note: Looks like this guy has the same cyclo-club idea.

Also, there is a Cyclo Club movement.