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10 Most Common Multisport Mistakes April 29, 2009

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Just found this at TriFuel.com: 10 Most Common Multisport Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. But you should read this article to hopefully cut down on your mistakes.

The mistakes you make when training are felt mostly in racing. Here’s how to stop making the 10 most common multisport mistakes.

All athletes want to improve their performance. The biggest improvements come from eliminating mistakes and, rest assured, everyone make mistakes. There are a few mistakes you can avoid to make your training and racing smoother – whether you’re an elite or a beginner athlete.

The causes for such mistakes usually are: misinterpreting instructions, training myths and products overblown performance claims. But, more often than not, it’s sheer enthusiasm that makes a athlete their own worst enemy. That’s not to say being passionate about triathlon is a bad thing. Being determined to perform well is great, but sometimes that eagerness can lead you to make misguided decisions.

Read more at 10 Most Common Multisport Mistakes


Is Golf Good Cross-Training? January 3, 2008

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Could golf be good cross-training for triathletes?

I was just thinking about this. While the technique doesn’t exactly translate to a nice swim stroke, and walking the course isn’t exactly a marathon, there is something useful – focus.

I think the mental game of golf can help you learn to focus and keep a sharp mind.

And if you think golf is boring, keeping focused despite the boredom will be great for teaching you to keep focused when you’re in pain!